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The websites of Apollanja Shopping (which includes this website) provide of information about the products. The information offered cannot be considered a substitute for a consultation with a doctor. For medical advice you should always first consult your therapist, (family) physician or medical specialist.

The information provided is compiled with the utmost care. However, errors (in the processing of this information) cannot always be avoided. Apollanja Shopping accepts no liability for damages of any kind resulting from actions and / or decisions taken as a result of the information provided through the website or in response to emails. The use of the information obtained is therefore at the full risk of the user. If you have any questions or comments about the information provided by Apollanja Shopping, please contact us.

Edelstones and minerals are natural products and everyone can react differently to them. It is never a replacement for medication and medical care or acting but can have a supporting function. Always consult your therapist, doctor or medical specialist in case of physical, mental or emotional complaints.

Self-care information is not personal advice.

In some cases the information contains '(self-care) advice'. These 'opinions' do not in any way constitute direct medical advice and in no way relate specifically to the individual medical situation of the visitor or anyone for whom they are seeking information on this website. The self-care advice should be seen as general guidelines applicable to non-serious, common and everyday complaints. Because complications can also occur with these less serious complaints, it is important to seek professional medical help when in doubt and in case of persistent or increasing complaints. Also where it concerns information regarding the use of (self-care) supplements, it concerns in none of the cases medical advice or information that specifically relates to the individual medical situation of the visitor or someone for whom information is sought on this website.

Apollanja Shopping is not liable for physical, emotional, mental, material or immaterial damages caused by wearing, using, purchasing any of our products.