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Janosh The Mystery of the Oracle Of God 1 december 2023

The Mystery of the Oracle of God
"Do you sometimes marvel at the things around you? Do you doubt that miracles exist?

What if I would tell you that believing in miracles is realistic We carry within us the miracles we seek outside of ourselves: Our miracles are based on deep beliefs and once we become aware of those beliefs, accept them and transform them, you can have anything you wish. The only person holding back your happiness and prosperity is yourself. We often seek confirmation outside of ourselves. But what if we really connect with your Soul, your inner Oracle to ask questions, receive answers from within.< br />
We live in a time full of challenges, problems and strife, often people come to me with questions such as:

Why can't I be happy?
Why can't I be happy? I can't find the right job or partner?
Why is everything going wrong in my life?
Why is this happening to me?
The answer is very simple: Fear

A miracle is a change in your perception from fear to love and to start listening to your soul, your inner voice. It knows your way around and the answers to why you are here on this Earth.

And that's where it gets complicated for many. Because that fear is so hidden under the layers of all our beliefs that you are not aware of it and keep looking for it outside of yourself.

Look no further!

But do along.

Connecting with your inner Oracle is not just a matter of believing, but of knowing and experiencing that it is so. I invite you to a one-off Experience where you will feel personally how you can reconnect with your own inner knowing, your own inner wisdom.

The Inner Oracle Experience
During this experience we are going to make the journey inward and connect with that part of us that thinks it is protecting us, but is actually holding us back: our ego. We are going to disconnect from where we are now, on this timeline in the energy field we are now trapped in and we step into the infinite Quantum Field where anything is possible. What you are a particle of God.

"I've experienced it myself: moments when it seemed that nothing went exactly the way I wanted it to. Until I realized that the miracle of that moment in TRUST. Over the years I have learned that in those moments it is essential to stay in faith. Trust, being open to wonder and being amazed is the key to making your desires and dreams come true.

Building trust and living in surrender has not always been easy for me because I am a control freak It is a challenge, an inner drive and certainly no trick.

But once you get there It's amazing.
Knowing that every step I take I'm fully supported by the Universe.

It feels like Magic! Being in awe like a kid again."

Janosh also chooses ‘hot seats’ in which he gives short personal readings.

  • Janosh Experience (€22.00) (incl. coffee and tea)
  • Friday 1 December 2023
  • In the Martinikerk Grootkerkhof 26 in Bolsward
  • Room open at 19.00  Lecture starts at 7:30 PM, ends around 10:00 PM
  • Ticket(s) can be ordered online below. The number of places is limited, so we do not work with reservations, you must have paid in advance. After receiving your paid ticket(s), you will receive them by email.

IMPORTANT: After payment of the ticket(s), the booking is final. After that, cancellation/refund of your ticket(s) is no longer possible. It is also not possible to use the ticket(s) from this event for another event of ours. Of course you can always let someone else use your ticket(s). You must arrange this among yourselves, we cannot mediate in this.

Janosh The Mystery of the Oracle of God € 22,-- More info about this evening Friday, December 1, 2023 Martinikerk Grootkerkhof 26 in Bolsward Walk in from 7.15 pm. Starts at 7.30 pm, ends around 9.30 pm For more information you can app to 06 49 53 04 06 Ticket(s) can only be ordered online her..
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