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No-Ray Anti-radiation and Gemstone Products

No-Ray Anti-radiation and Gemstone Products

We are proud to be among the first to offer you the No-Ray gemstone products developed by Pieter Pieters of MCNA and Pro-Vital here online and in our shop.

The No-Ray gemstone products have been treated in a special way so that the targeted effect of the stones used has been enhanced and you can feel/experience that.

At the moment, the No-Ray Water Gems set and the No-Ray Aerate Absorber are available, but the asoriment is sure to expand.

  • No-Ray Water Gems set: set consisting of Amethyst and Rock Crystal treated with auric photons to give the water an even higher bovis value.
  • No-Ray Aerate Absorber: Developed to absorb radiation from electrical equipment. Made from the highest quality shungite.
More and more, we are exposed to all kinds of radiation in our living environment due to the use of electrical equipment. Besides DECT, WIFI, GSM (high-frequency), low-frequency fields also occur in the home. Invisible, but for many people a source of various health complaints that are difficult to define. The various NO RAY products absorb and neutralise these forms of radiation and thus support your health."

Pieter Pieters
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Aerate Absorber

Aerate Absorber was developed to absorb radiation from electronic equipment. It is made of the finest SHungite, a unique rock that occurs only in a small area in Russia. The Aerate Absorber is handmade and fitted with a sticker to make it easy to place on electronic equipment. Shungite has been used for centuries for its absorbent properties. Shungite aurically emits white energy at a frequency of around 140 Hz and is symbolically most closely associated with the planet Mercury. Shungite has a strong grounding effect on humans in addition to its absorbing properties. By sticking the Aerate Absorber on electronic equipment, but also releases beneficial energy.

  • Connection with the planet Mercury. Mercury, the planet of communication, circulation, creativity and open mind.
  • Frequency 140 Hz.
  • Colour in auric field is white.

No-Ray Water Gems

These water stones consist of amethyst and rock crystal. The stones give off auric energy to the water, creating water with a higher bovis value. To energise the stones are charged for 48 hours with auric photons that can be given off to the water. This is done on a specific stone slab with an aluminium coil underneath and a copper pyramid above it.

This is done on a specific stone slab with an aluminium coil underneath and a copper pyramid above it.

  •  Connection with the planets Uranus and Saturn.
  • Frequencies 147.85 Hz and 207.36 Hz.
  • Colours in auric field are dark red and beige.